International scientific and theoretical journal “Vestnik Belgorodskogo Universiteta kooperatsii, ekonomiki i prava” (Herald of the Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law) is designed to publish the results of fundamental and applied research of the academia of higher school, researchers, postgraduate students and applicants for the scientific degree of a Doctor and Candidate in Economics.

Description of the journal’s topics
The journal embraces a wide variety of urgent economic problems, including globalization of economy; international economic integration; development of international and Russian cooperative movement; development of economic thought; science and education; economy, organization and management of companies, branches and complexes; marketing; labor economy; economic growth and development; branch structure of economy; financial science; development of small business, regional economy etc.

The journal has been published since 2002. It appears 6 times a year with a format À4 in two columns and with a color cover and offset paper. The journal is registered by the Federal Agency on the Supervision in the Sphere of Communication, Information Technologies and Mass Communications. The Registration Certificate is CÌÈ ÏÈ ¹ ÔÑ77-63329 as of October 9, 2015.

The edition is registered as a serial one at the International Center ISSN with the international number: 2223-5639.

The journal circulates by subscription through the catalogue of the Agency “Rospechat” “Newspapers. Journals” (edition index 18037). One can subscribe at any post-office.

Since September 2007 the journal has been included in Russian Index of Scientific Citation (RISC). Free access to full texts of papers is available on the technical platform of the Scientific Electronic Library in the Internet on the site:

Since 2004 the international scientific and research journal “Herald of the Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law” has been in the List of the reviewed scientific journals and editions, in which there must be published the main research results of the dissertations when applying for the degree of the Candidate or Doctor of Philosophy.

Since 2016 the articles published in the journal "Herald of the Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law" are assigned a digital object identifier – DOI enshrined in the ISO standard 26324:2012 "Information and documentation. A system of digital object identifiers".