Teplov Vitalii Ivanovich
Doctor of Economics, Professor,
President of Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law, 
Merited Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation, 
Honorable Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation, 
member of the Russian Natural Sciences Academy, 
academician of the International Academy of Cooperation, 
Merited Professor of Belgorod University of Consumer Cooperation

Vitalii Ivanovich Teplov was born on November 24, 1940 in the Ukraine. He began his working career as a turner at the “Stroyfayans” plant. After serving in the army, he entered the Lviv Trade and Economic Institute. On completing education he worked in the Chernivtsi Regional consumer union. In 1971 he completed the postgraduate training program of the Lviv Trade and Economic Institute and defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of technical sciences. Since 1971 Vitalii Ivanovich has been engaged in teaching: first in the Lviv Trade and Economic Institute and then in the Poltava Cooperative Institute, where he sequentially took positions of an assistant, a senior lecturer, an associate professor, the head of the department, the dean of the faculty.

Belgorod Cooperative Institute was founded in August 1980 on the basis of the Belgorod branch of the Poltava Cooperative Institute, since January 1981 Vitalii Ivanovich takes the position of the University Rector.

From 1979 to the present time, the working career of Professor V.I. Teplov is connected with the Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law. In December 1979 he was appointed to the position of a vice-rector of the Poltava Cooperative Institute dealing with the Belgorod Branch of the Poltava Cooperative Institute (director of the branch). In August 1980 the Belgorod Cooperative Institute was founded on the basis of the Belgorod branch of the Poltava Cooperative Institute, since January 1981 Vitalii Ivanovich is the Rector of this University, since May 2022 - President.

Under the leadership of  V.I. Teplov the University has gone its development from a branch of a higher education institution, where studied less than a thousand students, to a large multifunctional regional University Center with its branches in Kursk, Lipetsk, Stavropol, Nalchik and the student body of about 20,000 students.

Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law trains specialists for the system of consumer cooperation and the Central Black Earth Region. The University alumni work in the economic and market sectors, consumer cooperative system, state authority bodies, local government bodies, law enforcement agencies. The University graduates take leading positions in various government bodies and organizations, institutions both in Belgorod and Belgorod Region as well as in other regions of the Russian Federation.
In 2017, according to the results of an independent monitoring of the quality of education in Russian universities, the Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law became one of the top 38 Russian universities. Due to the universities’ activity investigation, annually conducted by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the University is recognized as an effective higher education institution. The All-Russian Public Organization “Association of Russian Lawyers” confirmed high quality of legal education at Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law. Based on the results of public accreditation the University was included in the list of the accredited educational institutions of higher professional education that train specialists for the law system.

Under the guidance of V.I. Teplov the University makes a significant contribution to the social and economic development of the Belgorod region and to the formation of a competitive scientific and educational cluster in the sphere of regional trade, hospitality, service and tourism.

Under the agreements concluded with the Belgorod Region Government, the Department for Internal and Personnel Policy of the Belgorod Region and the Department of Economic Development of the Belgorod Region the University takes an active part in projects and programs implemented by local government bodies, executive bodies and state bodies of the Belgorod region. The University scientists participate in development of concepts, projects, programs aimed at expansion of regional trade, hospitality, service, tourism and development of cooperative movement.

 For example, the University participated in the development of the city’s targeted program to promote the development of inbound and domestic tourism in the city of Belgorod. Since 2013 the University has been actively involved in the implementation process of the Comprehensive Development Plan for Credit Cooperatives in the Belgorod Region. The plan was approved by the Governor of the Belgorod Region. In 2014 the University became one of the executors of the Belgorod Region Economic Development Department’s project “Implementation of the system of consumers’ judicial rights protection at the level of the Belgorod region local government”.

 In 2015 the University participated in the development of the Concept for Increasing Realization of Honey and Bee Products in Belgorod and other regions. The University scientists received grants from the Belgorod Region Government for carrying out research on priority areas of social and economic development of the Belgorod region. In 2014-2015 the following grants were supported from the regional budget: “Development of a methodological tool for studying the processes of internal and external contracting in the cooperative sector of the Belgorod region economy with the aim of developing the social infrastructure of rural areas”, “Development of the project of social entrepreneurship advancement of consumer cooperative organizations”, “Development of a program for stimulating social tourism in rural areas in the Belgorod region’s system of state and municipal management”. The University scientists’ project “Tourist clusters of the Belgorod region and prospects for their development” won a grant of the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Foundation.

In order to create a modern effective system of professional education, that meets requirements of the modern market, and develop dual training V.I. Teplov has been supervising activity of the educational complex “Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law – Belgorod College of Public Catering” since 2012. The complex was founded with the participation of the Belgorod region Personnel Policy Department.

More than 200 scientific works have been published basing on the obtained research assessment exercises. Two doctoral dissertations and eleven dissertations in support of candidacy for economic sciences were defended under supervision of V.I. Teplov.

Graduate school has been functioning at the Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law since 1993.

From onwards 1995, 404 post-graduate students and more than 150 candidates for economic sciences degree have graduated from the University’s Graduate school in 10 specialties, 328 of them have defended their candidate theses. The University doctorate in specialty 08.00.05 “Economics and management of the national economy” was opened in 2000. The University Dissertation Defence Board worked during almost twenty years.   In the meantime, 253 dissertations were defended, including 26 doctoral dissertations. Graduates of the University institution of candidate and doctoral candidacy make a significant contribution to the development of various spheres of national economy.

V.I. Teplov is the editor-in-chief of the International Scientific and Theoretical Journal “Herald of Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law”. The journal has been published at the University since 2002; it is on the List of the top peer-reviewed scientific journals that publish core scientific results of the defended candidate and doctoral theses. The subscription index in the Unified Catalog "Russian print media " is 18037. Scientists, doctoral candidates and post-graduate students of BUCEL and other Russian universities publish in the journal their scientific articles and reviews in the field of economics.

V.I. Teplov facilitated to the University’s transformation into a Regional Center for personnel’s professional development and retraining in various fields and thus realizing the state strategy “Learning through Life”. Annually, about 1500 professional staff members from Belgorod and Belgorod region are enrolled in job-training programs on the basis of the University.  The Center provides further training programs  for upgrading civil servants’ skills in accordance with the concluded state contracts with: the Belgorod Customs, the Department for Internal and Personnel Policy of Belgorod region, the Education Department of the Belgorod region, the Department of the Federal Migration Service in the Belgorod region, the Administration of Ministry of Internal Affairs in Belgorod and other regions. Realization of additional professional programs promotes   new achievements, implementation in practice modern technologies and innovative  developments by Belgorod region enterprises.

Under V.I. Teplov’s management the University is constantly improving methods of education and upbringing of the younger generation, their intellectual, cultural and moral development; new educational technologies, forms and methods of teaching are being constantly entrenched into the educational and upbringing process; much attention is paid to the development of students’ creative activity and independence.

Vitalii Ivanovich pays special attention to adoption of new information technologies into the educational process by means of equipping the University with modern educational technique and computing hardware. The development group, led by V.I. Teplov, developed and successfully implemented the Development Concept of the Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law up to 2020 that outlines a stable and dynamic implementation of innovative technologies in the educational process.

The University is a fully self-financing institution. Its financial status allows investing significant funds in the material base development, updating equipment, replenishing the library fund. The whole University complex was created upon V.I. Teplov’s initiative. Three University buildings, four hostels, two dwelling houses for teachers and employees, a warm link building between teaching blocks were built at the expense of the University.

In the context of the Belgorod regional Program concerning improvement of the population’s quality of life the University management and Rector V.I. Teplov support the proper social level  of the University’s staff, as well as their decent salaries. On September 30, 2015 the University became the winner of the “Certificate of the employer’s confidence” ¹29 within the framework of the project “Declaration of the enterprise activity in the sphere of employees and employers’ labor rights realization”. It confirms the compliance of the University’s activity parameters with the established requirements of the labor legislation of the Russian Federation. Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law is included in the Register of Employers, who respect employees’ right to labor, which is posted on the official website of the State Labor Inspectorate.
Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law is actively involved in cultural and awareness-building work, it carries out a multifaceted activity in the sphere of aesthetic education of students and the organization of leisure time. The University V.I. Teplov renders great support to creative and gifted students who from the first days of their being in the University have a lucky chance to be involved in the work of any of 15 associations of artistic and aesthetic orientation. It allows them to maximize their abilities and achieve a high degree of self-realization in creative activity. Two University teams were awarded the title of “People’s amateur group”. Active students and amateur art groups of the University actively participate in city, regional and international competitions, festivals, shows and get deserved prizes.

Under the guidance of V.I. Teplov the University is engaged in fruitful work aimed at the social partnership of the University administration and the Students’ Trade Union in solving socio-economic problems of young people. Students are given the opportunity to receive free medical care at the University’s health center. The University food production facility provides high quality nutrition for students, post-graduate students, teaching staff and personnel of the University. The University pais monthly scholarships to students belonging to the social categories of orphaned children and children without parental custody.

On the initiative of Vitalii Ivanovich the UNESCO Chair “Education for Sustainable Development of Cooperatives” was established at the Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law. It is  headed by V.I. Teplov.

For his fruitful work Professor V.I. Teplov was awarded with the Certificate of Honor of the President of the Russian Federation, the Order of Honor, the Order of Friendship, the medals “For Services to the Belgorod Land” – I-st and II-nd class, the medal “Veteran of Labor”, the medal of K.D. Ushinsky, the medal of the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Joasaph, the Bishop of the Belgorod Wonderworker - 3rd class.

Vitalii Ivanovich was awarded the title of “Honored Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation”, “Honorary Citizen of Belgorod”